Home Security

If your home or business already has a wired home security system, you may be able to save a significant amount of money by letting the professionals at Chicago Security Expert customize it to your needs. We can work with you to help take advantage of your existing equipment while adding additional wireless equipment to cover dead spots in your home, if necessary.

Commercial and Residential Services:

  • Low Voltage Wiring
  • New construction wiring
  • Home security/alarm wiring
  • Security IP Cameras wiring and installation
  • Fire alarm wiring and installation
  • pre-wired home security systems
  • hardwired home security systems
  • wireless and hardwired home security systems
  • security system installation
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The Proven Chicago Security Expert Process

Initial Consultation and Evaluation

We won’t just come to you with a pre-packaged wiring solution. We know that every business or home has its own unique set of challenges. The team at Chicago Wiring Expert will provide you with a free, no obligation site visit to check all points of vulnerability or opportunity and design a system that fits your needs and the demands of your insurance carrier or provider services.

Custom Designing Your Wiring System

Based on the security and wiring requirements as determined by our thorough initial evaluation, our team will develop and present a comprehensive proposal to achieve maximum efficiency and security at the lowest cost. For our commercial partners, we will customize a convertible system that can adjust to your potential growth and be updated with minimal cost in the future.

Professional System Installation

We provide extensive experience in installation of all types of systems from single-site to multi-building and multi-location environments. We will work directly with your architect and general contractor to ensure that our work is completed on schedule according to the highest standards. Our team will schedule your installation and set up a time to provide the essential training and testing to familiarize you and your staff with system operation and procedures.

Monitoring and Custom Service

When it comes to safety, Chicago Security Expert’s ultimate goal is installing an integrated system with the best available technology to meet your security needs. Our team fully understands the details of your system and are ready to respond at a moment’s notice whether it is a maintenance issue or an event that requires immediate action. We are committed to providing the quickest response times and lowest false alarm rates in the industry.

Alarm Systems

Whether you are looking for a home alarm system or a business security system, we can develop a security system that meets your specific challenges and demands. Our alarm systems provide added security and defend your home or business from events like theft, fire, and flood.

Camera Systems

Expert installed security camera systems have become an integral solution for safety, security, insurance compliance and even liability reduction. From homes and residential buildings to offices and commercial spaces, the team at Chicago Security Expert can customize and install a camera system to meet your specific dynamics and needs.

Why Choose Chicago Security Expert?

We do everything we can to protect who you love, your home and your treasured possessions!
You and your family deserve the best security.