How to Secure Your Home During Vacation: 10 Essential Tips with Chicago Security Expert, Inc.


Planning a trip can be an exciting event but ensuring your home is well secured prior to leaving is a must, as empty homes can become a target for robbers. Having your home secured before you leave for a vacation can help you avoid unnecessary worries and allow you to enjoy your trip, while Chicago Security Expert, Inc. – most reliable home security Chicago partner helps you understand how to take the necessary steps to secure your home. Here are some keys to consider when you are getting ready to go on a vacation.

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1. Install a Robust Security System

Invest In A Solid Security System: the backbone of your home protection arsenal, a security system designed to protect your home should include motion detectors, and door and window sensors, preferably surveillance cameras.

Monitor Remotely: Select a system that supports remote monitoring. Be sure to select a system that sends you push notifications, live feeds, and remote connection to your system that allows you to connect to your home from any place at any time with your smartphone.

2. Utilize Smart Home Devices

Smart Locks: Install smart locks that can be controlled remotely to lock or unlock your doors. This is especially beneficial for apartment complexes to prevent residential break-ins.

Smart Lights: Install an automated lighting system to mimic the homeowner’s presence. Program lights to turn on and off at staggered intervals to provide the appearance of someone being home.

3. Secure All Entry Points – Home Security Chicago First!

Lock All Doors and Windows: Never leave without ensuring all doors and windows are locked. Use solid, or upgrade to solid, deadbolts and install window security films.

Reinforce Sliding Doors: Secure sliding doors with a rod or a dowel in the track to prevent them from being forced open. Install auxiliary locks for added security.

4. Hold Mail and Deliveries

Pause Mail Services: Mail piled on your front step is a dead giveaway that your apartment is empty. Contact your local post office to request that they hold on to your mail until your return. 

Manage Deliveries: Reschedule any deliveries or ask neighbors to pick them up if you’re not able to. Otherwise, use package lockers or get a company to bring the package securely to your home.

5. Inform Trusted Neighbors

Neighborhood Watch: Tell a trusted neighbor that you’re going away so that they can keep an eye on your house, pick up the mail, and check for suspicious activity. Your Home Security Chicago is important!

Share Emergency Contacts: Give your contact information and that of the local contact person. She says to give your number whenever possible: this will give you a chance to offer assistance if needed and to be alerted if something does go wrong.

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6. Don’t Advertise Your Absence

Limit Social Media Sharing: Don’t post details about your trip or photos of your journey until after you return home. Posting details about your absence alerts potential burglars to break into your home.

Be Discreet with Information: Only share your absence with someone you trust. This keeps the chance of anyone discovering what you are up to to a minimum.

7. Enhance Perimeter Security

Outdoor Lighting: Install lights with motion sensors around the exterior of your home. Lights deter a burglar from the start.

Secure Gates and Fences: All gates should have good security protection, and all fences should also be in good condition. If your property is not already protected by a security gate, it might be worth considering installing one.

8. Use Timers for Electronics

Automate Electronics: Use timers to turn on radios or televisions at various times. This creates the illusion that someone is home, deterring burglars.

9. Hire Professional Security Services

Security Patrols: Hire a private security company to patrol your neighborhood and act as a deterrent to crime.

Alarm Response: Some security services offer alarm response units that quickly react to any triggered alarms, providing immediate assistance.

10. Review Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Check Coverage: Let your carrier know you will be away, and make sure your policy has full coverage for theft or damage for the duration of your trip.

Document Valuables: Scan and record valuable items, with photographs of key items and receipts for big-ticket items. This may speed up the claims process if your home is robbed or destroyed.

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Chicago Security Expert – Your Home Security Chicago Partner

These essential tips from Chicago Security Expert, Inc. will help you properly secure your house so you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation without having to worry about the safety of your house. Contact Chicago Security Expert, Inc. when you are ready to install proven and trusted security equipment and services that will protect your house year-round.

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