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Expert installed security camera systems have become an integral solution for safety, security, insurance compliance and even liability reduction. From homes and residential buildings to offices and commercial spaces, the team at Chicago Security Expert can customize and install a camera system to meet your specific dynamics and needs.

We offer a full range of end-to-end security cameras systems and services throughout the Chicagoland area. We specialize in custom design and planning, installation, repair, configuration and maintenance of security camera systems. Our surveillance system solutions include security cameras, video recording devices (DVR, NVR, Hybrid), video management software (VMS) and long-term data storage.

With our security camera systems selected and installed to your specifications, you can view a remote live feed and monitor your premises, anytime, anywhere using your smartphone, PC or tablet.

Chicago Security Expert offers a full range of video surveillance systems including security cameras, video recording devices, video management software and long-term data storage. We provide IP camera configurations and IP camera systems suited to your specific needs.

From Bullet Cameras to Domes, Vandal-Proof Cameras, Megapixel Cameras,  PTZ Cameras and more, quality security cameras are the core of an effective surveillance system. Our security experts will help you choose the type of security camera that best suits your facility’s environmental conditions and meets your security needs and budget.

More About Security Camera Types


Camera, lens and housing are all combined into a single bullet-style body. It requires no separate housing so it has a small presence and usually includes IR illuminator for low-light situations.


Functions as a standard camera. To accommodate any installation situation, this style allows for customization of the lens, camera and housing.


A combination of camera, lens and ceiling mount, it is ideal for environments that tend to get dirty and is also aesthetically accommodating.


For increased resolution and scalability, this camera transmits a digital signal over a network via Internet Protocol. Many include built-in video analytic software


Survey wider areas and focus on specific situations with this perator controlled camera that allows user to (p)an, (t)ilt and (z)oom using a joystick or software from remote location.


For indoor and outdoor, this adaptable camera handles both day and night-time lighting situations via an IR filter that is lifted as lightning levels decrease.


Capture clear face shots in a variety of lighting levels with this camera that can balance light levels on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

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