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IP vs CCTV: What’s the Best surveillance cameras choice for your business or home?

When choosing the right security camera system for your business, your two options are either CCTV (Close-Circuit Television) or IP (Internet Protocol) cameras. In functional terms, both systems use a camera to transmit a video signal to another storage or viewing device in real-time. However, that is where the similarities end and it becomes a matter of choice. Hopefully this article will help you make sure that your choice is the right one.

What’s the Difference?

As mentioned before, both systems have a different way of transmitting a video feed. CCTV cameras transmit their footage by changing the video signal into a signal that can be picked up by a standard TV, hence the name Closed-Circuit Television. On the other hand, an IP camera acts like its own computer and wireless sends the video data to the storage or viewing device the same way you would watch a YouTube video.

Video Quality

Designation H x V
CIF 352 x 240
2CIF 704 x 240
4CIF 704 x 480
D1 720 x 480
720p HDTV 1280 x 720
1.3MP 1280 x 1024
2MP 1600 x 1200
1080p HDTV 1920 x 1080
3MP 2048 x 1536
5MP 2592 x 1944

General Overview

Both systems come with their benefits and shortcomings, and these few bullet points will do a quick rundown of both systems’ pros and cons before going into greater detail.

Let’s start with CCTV:


  • More vendors and installers available
  • CCTV systems are rather simple to install
  • Cheaper than IP in many cases


  • Lower frame rate and image quality
  • Smaller field of view
  • More cables

Moving on to IP:


  • Higher image quality and field of view
  • Remote viewing and controlling
  • Less wiring and no bulky terminals


  • Greater initial cost
  • HD video footage needs more storage space
  • Learning curve with interfaces and configuration


For the longest time, CCTV systems were the cheapest form of video surveillance and they still hold that title for the most part, especially in regards to initially purchasing your system. However, these costs don’t stay low when you account for all the necessary video and power cables for each camera you decide to purchase. IP cameras on the other hand, while some higher end model cameras are more expensive than CCTV, many IP cameras are reaching the price range that’s very similar (albeit a bit more pricey) than CCTV systems. And because each IP camera can transmit video data individually, there is no need for video cables, saving you money and time. And a final note, IP systems tend to last longer than CCTV systems if you’re willing to put in the extra money; you get what you pay for.


When it comes to features, it seems as though IP cameras pack a greater punch than CCTV systems. To begin, an IP camera’s resolution is much greater than the average CCTV camera, being able to have a field of view that’s six times larger. A greater field of view means that fewer cameras are needed to cover the same area, further reducing setup costs. Because IP cameras are connected through WiFi, the owner is able to not only view a live playback of the footage, but also digitally zoom in to catch important details like facial features or license plates in case of an incident.


Finally, the most important aspect to video surveillance: storing the videos. CCTV systems store their footage on a DVR just like any home TV, which can limit the number of cameras you can own before needing to purchase another DVR. On the contrary, an IP system stores its footage as digital files, meaning that a more compact hard drive can hold more footage than a DVR. And if more storage is needed, hard drives are easy and cost-effective to expand, especially with the decreasing costs of hard drives and digital storage.

In Conclusion…

IP surveillance cameras systems are truly the best way to go. The versatility gained from them outweighs their greater setup costs and also outweighs the advantages of a CCTV system. In all honesty, an IP system should be purchased only if it is the very first surveillance system you are installing or if you want an upgrade. Otherwise, if the CCTV ain’t broke, no need to fix it.



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House break-in and trespasses on privacy are prevalent nowadays. Hence, you must secure your home in the best possible way. Fortunately, there are several home security options available to homeowners. Thus, it is even much easier to secure homes and families using top-notch home surveillance.

Home security does so much to guard the house, both in the presence or absence of the homeowner. These particular home surveillance cameras are programmed to inform the homeowner of potential danger. They also serve HD visuals at any time of the day or night. With these in place, you are guaranteed of a secured home at any time, whether you are at work, on vacation, or any other place outside your home.

Perhaps, you are not convinced that having surveillance cameras around your home is ideal? This is more common among homeowners who feel the big sizes and shapes make them obvious. Fortunately, developers have returned to the drawing board, and we now have new security cameras that are super thin and sleek. What’s more, they have been designed to mimic the appearance of other gadgets, such that no one notices them.

Chicago Security Expert have unanimously identified three home surveillance cameras as the best options for homeowners, and these are:

Best-In-Class Surveillance Security Camera in Chicago

  • These cameras have inbuilt sensors that notify you of impending flood and fire situations, in addition to motion detection.
  • You can simply retouch them to your taste and purpose.
  • They also come with glass breaking sensors, garage doors sensors, and mobile viewing.
  • The best part, perhaps, is the ease of setup and usage, the easy-to-understand tutorials, and the advanced special protective features.

Hikvision is the homeowners’ favorite, and the reasons are not far-fetched. First, the brand offers several options with relatively excellent performances. Also, the secondary options by Hikvision come handy for homeowners interested in different levels of protective gear.

Lts  Surveillance and Dahua surveillance cameras have been widely used by customers far and wide, with impressive reviews trailing such use. Yes, the exact protection needs of every household vary. However, in any case, it is always the best to go for surveillance cameras that suit your lifestyle and personal preferences.

If you are interested in outdoor surveillance, ClearVU and SVAT offer the best equipment that suits such purposes. You can install them anywhere, considering their tiny sizes and discreet appearance. For instance, they fit perfectly into your new car, front door, and even your large front and back yards. The vision is always clear, either in the day or night. The greatest perk here is that they work in similar ways to the home surveillance systems. You can set up the devices to deliver live feeds to your online accounts, computer, or mobile devices at low prices.

Another prominent surveillance camera in the picture is the WIFI surveillance cameras. They are designed to be connected to the internet server of a personal computer. The setup is quite straightforward and could be completed in a minute. Popular brands in this category include DropCam and Samsung, with both known for their affordable, yet impressive products. You can share the live feeds with third parties, and in most cases, all these can be done with a single click.

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